1929. Category: (Multiple choices) Paper: ()

As one goes far away from the Earth, the density of air
A.becomes bigger

B. becomes less
C. remains constant

D. increases twice.

1930. Category: (Multiple choices) Paper: ()

A ferry boat floats in seawater because its density is

  •  greater than that of water
  • smaller than that of water
  • the same as its weight 
  • greater than its weight.
2286. Category: (Multiple choices) Paper: ()

When a body floats in a liquid:
A. its weight is less than the upthrust on it
B. its weight is greater than the upthrust on it
C. its weight is equal to the upthrust on it
D. its volume is equal to the volume of liquid displaced.

2287. Category: (Multiple choices) Paper: ()

When a body floats in water:
A. It displaces its own volume of water.
B. The mass of the water displaced by the body is equal to its own mass
C. It weighs the same as in air
D. The downthrust is more than the upthrust.

2289. Category: (Short answers) Paper: ()

Differentiate between the real weight and apparent weight of an object as applied
in Physics

Notes Related to Archimedes principle and law of flotation questions.
The concept of up thrust
The Archimedes Principle
To apply the Archimedes Principle to determine relative density
To distinguish floating and sinking of objects
The conditions for a substance to float in fluids
Relate upthrust and weight of floating body
The law of flotation
Application of the law of flotation in everyday life
The mode of action of a hydrometer
To construct a simple hydrometer
To use hydrometer to determine the relative density of different liquids
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