1522. Category: Short answers

How can the concept of partition coefficients and ionic substitution during mantle melting being useful in mineral exploration? Give four examples of four types of minerals deposits and suggest their host rocks as well as particular locality where they are found in Tanzania.

1523. Category: Mathematical Calculation

Calculate the entropy change produced by vaporizing 1 mole of water at 100ºC and 1 atmosphere. The heat of vaporization of water is 540 cal per gram. (Molecular weights are H=1, O=16)

1821. Category: Short answers

Sketch a chondrite-normalized REE diagram for anorthositic rocks and using your diagram explain their geochemical behaviour.

1822. Category: Short answers

The following are classes of meteorites: chondrites ,achondrites, palasites, mesosiderites, loamacites and lacnites. Which one of these may represent material from core mantle boundary interface of a parent body of differentiated meteorites and why?

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